Great Ethiopian Run 2016 to be held tomorrow

2016-great-ethiopian-runAddis Ababa, Ethiopia – The 16th edition of the 2016 TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run (GER) 10km International will be held jeld tomorrow.

A record number of 42,000 participants will take part on the race including 500 elite athletes (300men and 200 women).

Great Ethiopian Run is introducing wave start for the first time this year to give way for serious runners who prefers to be ahead of the walkers and joggers and also to be meet the high demand for the event and increase participants’ number. There are two waves where the red wave is for runners that are able to finish the 10km race in less than one hour (runners) and the green wave is for runners aiming to finish the race over one hour (joggers and walkers).

The event includes a mobility cycle event where around 30 participants’ with disability take part. The event take place one hour ahead of the mass event at 8:00am.

The annual event was the brainchild of Haile Gebrselassie, the greatest athlete that Ethiopia has produced. 

Since its inception in 2001 , GER has staged over 100 races in different parts of Ethiopia.


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