Kuriftu Expands with Ethiopian Culture Centre

Ethiopian Cultural Center
Kuriftu Resort & Spa laying the foundation stone for Kuriftu Ethiopian Cultural Village. Doing the honours is Roman Tesfaye (centre); Tadios Belete, the owner of Kuriftu Resort & Spa (right); Tadelech Dalecho, state minister for Culture & Tourism (left) and Tadesse Haile, state minister of Industry (far left).

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Kuriftu brand will be reflected in the Centre’s comprehensive offerings in hospitality, cultural enterprise and events.

Boston Partners Plc is building a 400 million Br cultural centre on a 74,000sqm plot of land as an extension of Kuriftu Resort & Spa Bishoftu by the banks of Lake Kuriftu in Bishoftu.

Called Ethiopian Cultural Center, Kuriftu will undertake the construction of the building by itself, with planned completion in 18 months. The company has already secured a bank loan to begin construction, said Roman Tafessework, new business development director at Boston Partners. This centre will have a 5,000sqm restaurant with designated space for 17 kinds of cultural recipes or cultural food items, as well as  421 guest rooms decorated with customized cultural items.

Boston is also including 100 ateliers where up to 500 traditional crafts will be made and sold, including pottery, hand made clothes and jewellery.

The Center will also accommodate conference centres, bars, coffee shops, spa, swimming pool and a children’s playground.

According to Boston’s feasibility study, the village will serve 1,000 to 1,500 visitors, daily, about double the current 600 to 700 people, Roman said. It also has an open air spot reserved for a big events such as weddings, which is already in business. Boston Partners Plc, known for its chain of resorts under the brand name of Kuriftu is already constructing resorts at Burayu and Hora in Oromia as well as near Hawzen in Tigray State.  It is also constructing a larger resort in Djibouti on half a million square metres of land, which could cost seven million dollars, according to the company. Its corner stone was laid last year with the presence of the leaders of the two countries.

Source: AddisFortune.com