Football Under Threat

Yohannes Sahle Burundi

Football seems to have surged into the veins of people, irrespective of age, creed or gender. Even elderly ladies have turned out to be staunch supporters of European clubs, like Manchester United or Barcelona.

Far from addiction, football becomes sentimental whenever the national squad conducts an international game. It goes without saying that we ask ourselves, “Where is our national football stature heading now”?

For the casual supporter of football, any game between clubs is not much more than leisure. But when it comes to games between nations, the match becomes a sentimental issue. In countries, such as Ethiopia, where defeat is taken as a national embarrassment, football becomes a stake of every freedom and victory loving people.

At a time when the threat and the consequences of drought are preoccupying our thoughts, talking about football could perhaps be considered out of context. But the fact is, we cannot go on hammering on the drought issue, week in and week out. At the present time, we are also gripped with security officers gunning down young Oromo students within the Oromia Region, instead of understanding the contents of the Constitution and abiding by it. Even then, football matches held in Ethiopia cannot be thrown aside from the media.

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