World Cup 2018: Ethiopia avenge loss with a 3-0 victory

Walias Zebras Friendly

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Walias of Ethiopia defeated Sao Tome e Principe 3-0 here today to advance to the next round of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier.

The Walias, who were stunned by Sao Tome in the first leg match, were craving for a revenge and it took just one minute for them to open the score through Dawit Fekadu.

Although Ethiopia dominated the match, they couldn’t add a second goal until the start of the second half when Gatoch Panom converted a penalty kick (48′). Ramkel Lok added a third in the 74th minute.

Overall, the Walias dominated the match and could have added 4 or 5 more goals.

Walias’ next opponent is Congo Brazzaville in the next round in November.


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  1. yoni says

    Coach Yohannes is right for dropping all the strikers since they have not played for the clubs. His philosophy is simple, if you want to represent your country at the national level you need to perform at the clubs level.

  2. Fresenbet says

    I believe coach Yohannise and his collective are on the right truck. to me it seems that for the next game we need strong defenders, and also adding the Trio(Saladin,Getaneh,Umed) to the team might have significant impact on the result. from a different perspective, would like to point out that our players should read each other very well.

    many Thanks

  3. Getachew says

    Football Journalists in Ethiopia need to go back to school or make way for new generation to help build the team. Their duties in the past has been criticizing everything like an amateur football fan. They are unaware of their obligations representing the people but instead they turn the whole country against the coach, the players and the federation. Most of them are unqualified or have personal agenda against the federation. Please be consistent with your analysis, one week they write stupid articles criticizing everyone and the following week they praise everyone involved. Professionalism is required in journalism because it is an honourable job.

  4. Beke says

    I do agree with what some friends has said, we should not criticize the journalists they are the one who gathers the information and bring it to the media, which is their duty to point out the weakness and upraise the strong part. The coach is trying his best organizing the team. Maria Baratoli has killed the Walia team but Yohannes is constricting well at least this team started winning some countries, we are going to face though teams ahead of us therefore, I think the coach has to include Saladin and Getanhe, he has to mix-up the professionals. Wish you the best

  5. Anonymous says

    still am not satisfied in ephream ashamo a soft defence & dawit fikadu.but great performance from ramikelok & gatoch. who is substituted gatoch is injured in the game so we will done a lot job in the whole squad.ramikelok the future of wallia

  6. Dawit says

    We have to be extremely be careful about how we approach our next opponent. Congo is not the same as Sao Tome e Principe. We need to strengthen our defense system. Midfielders need to do their job. effective striker must be in. other wise, it would be full of waste of time and cost of money to EFF. The couch has done tremendous job, I can see it this guy would take us to Russia in 2018 ! Journalists please speak about how we can have better players from the grass root level. Coach only coach what he has been given to him. Remember this coach is highly qualified and give his some time to construct his own real Ethiopian national team. stop criticizing. it does not serve any purpose.

  7. Teddy says

    Great job by coach Yohannes introducing young talents for the national team, as long as the media doesn’t corrupt the fans we have a better road with this coach. For those that support journalists as just doing their job in Ethiopian football, you need to open your minds and read how structured the criticism in the previous articles are. Journalists think they can do better job than the coach but it is fact they can’t even analysis their own job without toxic mentality. Go walias, go coach Yohannes and EFF.

  8. Awole says

    this was my expectation, but there is a problem with jornalists,they became emotional and criticise the team imidiatly, I think this is scandal professionaly and moral ,if you can just prove out the way how to imrove the team ,not only apoint your finger to wards a coach. we have to respect what he do; b/c he is professional don,t act as europe sport media if they criticise or comment they were a specific decipline football profession once a time in life but when we come ours only theory:

  9. debrezeyt says

    bravo abutiiiiiii

  10. Anwar says

    Stop criticizing journalists. Nothing to do with journalists. They are just doing their jobs. They praise whenever the coach or the players do good. And it is normal that the journalists criticize or disagree when there comes unsatisfactory result.
    We should not be emotional. We should talk based on the fact on the ground . A defeat to seychelles and Sautome could not by any means be building a team. The team could be built up gradually not by dismantling suddenly or game after game. Todays 3-0 result does not even show that our team was good or the coach should be proud of. On contrary it shows that we have a lot a lot to do for next.

  11. tinb-ansaw says

    Wow! How could it be nice if they finished this game 9-0! I were so upset due to the loss of with the team which is almost does not exist on the map. Sao….? What ever it is,….. by the way Congo is though team and getaneh and saladin have to join the team. Coach, think about this before it is too late!

  12. Andy says

    Strong leadership by coach Yohannes. Great performance by his young squad and most of all, a great way to shut the critics and journalists who have been very critical of the coach. Sport journalism needs to improve in Ethiopia, in fact former national team players should study journalism and continue to battle the challenges along side with the EFF in order to improve the game and educate the Ethiopian public who is at least 50 years behind as well as our football.

  13. Bach says

    Worke Bianetefulete Fandeya kemalete ayemeleseme….Once you are above the crowed you are subjected to comments…bear that in mind…even these guys are the one who depose swenete beshawe. Even the coach who took us to the world youngest cup was removed…there are people who always want Ethiopia not to grow so let us do the job right and leave every thing else…imagine if you fire the coach who took you to the world cup or who took you to African cup what do you expect? Even if you take the team to MARS they will comment. (Read the poem by Tsegaye Gebremedhin called “GOAL”) These people make football like a brain surgery science when they took day and night about it….Everything has a limit…even analysis but our journalists and many many football fans and so called football analysts talk about it like how we can send something to MARS…As of me the only SPORT journalist we have this time is “SOLOMON GEBREGZIABHER” others are copy/paste FOOTBALL presenters….Let them stop saying sport program let them say football program. LEARN LEARN LEARN LEARN>>>

  14. Sam says

    What is all this criticism of the coach from outside of the field. He is building a team and has to make decision and a decision maker takes a risk and that shows leadership. There is a lot to be improved even though they won and the coach acknowledges that. Let him do his job please !!!!!!

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