Open letter to EFF President Juneydi Basha

By Frederick Naduli,

JUNEDIN BASHASir, here’s to hoping that this finds you well, and it jolts you back to reality, as you and the executive seem to be treading on very slippery ground, that may slide football in Abyssinia down the proverbial abyss.

Please take time to reflect, because you may never be able to re-coup the gains made so far in the Ethiopian League.


The soon to be adopted quota rule that seeks to limit only three foreign players per club is retrogressive, obsolete and ill-timed. If not clipped, this move will consequently harm and isolate the Ethiopian League. As a matter of fact, repercussions are already flying thick and fast. Top club St. George may not go to the Cecafa tourney owing majorly to such misinformed decisions.

That you also plan to abolish signing-on fees for players moving clubs is stoking an already unmanageable inferno that creates even more resentment towards you and your young administration.

Such unpopular regulations hurt people and drag the game backwards.

Just so you know, foreign players spice up leagues wherever they ply their craft, as they bring with them a whole new dimension and culture to their hosts. Neighbours Kenya are a perfect case study. Further afield in well developed settings, sit back and ponder the game sans foreigners. Flat if you ask me.


Ethiopian football has grown beyond the level of such restrictions you and the executive are trying to implement. It is like putting the cart before the horse. Instead of (sub)consciously isolating Ethiopia from the rest, you should be busy burning the midnight oil putting up tangible structures and charting the way forward for the betterment of the league and all stakeholders.

For the record, quota restrictions have never worked anywhere. Ethiopia will be no exception.