AFCON 2017: Walias to face Likuena of Lesotho in Bahir Dar

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Ethiopian national team “Walias” will face the Likuena (Crocodiles) of Lesotho in the  2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier this Sunday in Bahir Dar.

The Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) said that the venue of the match was switched to Bahir Dar because the Addis Ababa Stadium is not suitable during the rainy season.

While the residents of the great city of Bahir Dar will be pleased to have the opportunity to watch the Walias live, there is already speculation that many of them will not show up on Sunday as the EFF has set unreasonable entrance fees, which range from the lowest at 50 Birr to the highest at 700 Birr.


9 thoughts on “AFCON 2017: Walias to face Likuena of Lesotho in Bahir Dar

  1. Great!! friendly match is a very good thing. Having said that,
    If it is possible to have a friendly game with ,Italian, french, Germany, Brazil, Argentina etc.. National team, I think that would be the best gauge for our national team to see where it stand in international stage and maybe some players might get a chance to play for a better sure “If we try hard It will possible”.
    It is just my opinion !!

  2. Thank you ethiosport
    u raise the burning issue what most people of bahir dar city loss the this golden oppourtunity because of an fair entrance fee set by ethiopian foot ball federation.

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