‘I like to see Ethiopia compete in African cup competitions’

The Reporter: Tell us briefly about your career as a footballer

John SahleYohannes Sahile: Well, I started playing football at a club level, with a youth club known as Anbessa Club. That is where I started and then I transferred to another club called Ras Hotel. It was from there, that I was selected to play for the national team. And then from there, I joined St. George FC. I played there for two years. I was also a part of the national team in 1986.

You left for the US afterwards. What happened then?

After I left for the US in 1986 I went to study at the University of Connecticut in New Haven. I received my bachelor’s degree in communication after four years study. When I played there I was twice voted MVP (Most Valuable Player) and in my conference I was player of the year. Then, I stayed there to do my masters. I did my masters in Sports Leadership. And in 1994, I got my first job as head coach in first division college at Alabama A & M University. I coached there for about four years. At the time, there were around nine players who were recruited from Ethiopia playing for that collage. Almost all of them, before they went to play in the US, were Ethiopian national team players. They were in my team in 1994-95. Then I went on to become a technical director. Which means I started coaching not just teams but also coaches.

After I left Alabama around 1998-99 I was selected to coach Olympic development team for European tour (which they call it Bavarian Cup) and that was in Germany. Eventually, I joined a sports academy opened in Ohio by Brad Friedel, the Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper, as a senior coach. In the academy we bring players from all over the world. We bring young active players who are 16 and 17. We train them and then we sell them [in players transfer market]. I was the only African guy working as a senior coach.

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14 thoughts on “‘I like to see Ethiopia compete in African cup competitions’

  1. We need sewnet Bishw not only his achievements but also has a grace like a king. Viva we need you

  2. Such a great and positive comment. Why not Ethiopia? . its all in the leadership and education.

  3. Ethiopia has produced some of the best world class professional athletes, medical doctors, scientists, aviation and military specialists. The foundation to all these success is knowledge. If our football is led by professionals who have the experience as players and a knowledge about leadership, there will be an Ethiopian team capable of winning African cup and a World cup. Winning global titles is not new to Ethiopian professionals in other fields. Why not in football?

  4. from his profile, it seems that Ato Yohannis Sahle has a wider and reach experince both as a player and coach. we hope that he will bring our team to the AfCON and world cup stage soon.

  5. @ Sammy thank you for your response, But
    I am not saying he made up things or fabricate CV, to get the position of National team Coach. However, I was just trying to explain, when you say something what you have accomplished in the past and present it is a good habit to provide us with the evidence, so we will have a full trust in what he will do next.Am sure he will be a fantastic Coach,and i will wish him all the best.I always want to see our national team in a big stage,…
    we support you and I wish you a Good Luck !!Coach Yohannes Sahile

  6. You’re absolutely correct. Alabama A&M has ended its soccer program three years ago by the way.

  7. Definitely,all ethiopian want him to suceed.That is all what we want but i am just posting my concern.I tried to search on albama university website but didnot find any thing.after all that is not what matter,rather his future performance does.this is a golden opportunity for him to show himself and put his name in histry,like sewinet did.

  8. My friend just because you can’t find it , it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Yohannes never made up anything. I know him well enough to tell you he is the real deal. Everything he said is well known amoungs those who know Ethiopian football. he is a well respected coach and Director of Football to this day in Alabama as well as in the U.S. most importantly hope EFF will give him the time to build .If he is a success so well be Ethiopia. Isn’t that what we all want?

  9. we all ethiopian want our team to suceed.who ever selected as a coach at the end of the day we want to see a result.I tried to google the resume of the new coach, i cannot find any thing which supports what ever he said,he accomplished.what we know is he has been acoach to the under 17 national team which was unsuccesful and also dedebit foot ball club.At the end of the day every thing will be revieled.Wish good luck to the couch any way.

  10. My brother I played with Johannes in college. He was my Capitan as well as the global players from england, Germany, welsh Africa as well as the U.S. he was all american as well as player of the year. Most importantly any one one who knows Ethiopian Football will tell you what an exceptional player he was for St.George as well as Our National team. He has won every where he went. That’s why I’m a firm believer if we give him the time to build a foundation we will see success.

  11. we all want to see Ethiopia in world stage. you need to work hard… i would like to see fast and full endurance , strong players…player who can strike the ball strongly and accurately….

  12. you said many things , how come I can’t find anything you said in the website?
    are you telling the truth? umm…am not trying to come after you in a bad-way, but am always curious and want to know the really you

  13. My question for him, is , you said there were 9 players in your team, who played for Ethiopian national team,did you win a cup? taking in considerations, you have 9 good players suppose to…if you won , what was the year?

  14. Johannes has proven his ability to win as a player as well as a coach . I’m a firm believer he is a winner. He has the mentality to work hard and produce success. Hope we as Ethiopians have the ability to give him the time that’s needed to put forth his plan. Good luck Johannes. Good luck Ethiopia.

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