All Africa Games: Walias U-23 side eliminated

Mariano BarretoKhartoum, SudanEthiopia’s Walia U-23 side was eliminated from the All-Africa Games 4-1 on aggregate score following a 2-0 defeat here today.

The Sudanese won the first leg match 2-1 in Dire Dawa.

Walia’s coach Mariano Barreto told the media earlier that his side has been working hard for the past 2 weeks and he believes that they could reverse the score but it turn out to be another empty promise.

It is about time that the Ethiopian Football Federation does something about coach Barreto, who is said to receive $18,000/month in salary, as Ethiopia surely deserve a better result than the 1 victory, 1 draw &  6 defeats that the teams register in 8 matches under his care.




2 thoughts on “All Africa Games: Walias U-23 side eliminated

  1. There was a Sudanese player with a fake name and illegal documentation, and he played the match. He even told the reporters and local newspapers about it a couple of months ago. The name on the team’s list is his brother’s. Mohammad Shams Alfalah is the name ( could be spelled differently), and he plays for the Sudanese club Almerrikh.
    The Sudanese Football Association was aware of this.
    The Ethiopian Football Association should file a complaint against the Sudanese team, and the CAF would not tolerate this action done by the Sudanese Football Association.
    Zambia did it two years ago, and they got the points though they lost the game.
    Sudanese Football Association lacks legal and administrative skills and knowledge.

  2. This guy should be fired. Hire Wubetu Abate or another worthy Ethiopian. No more wasting of our money on foreign coaches.

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