One last marathon for Haile?

Haile last MarathonAt 41, Ethiopian distance-running legend Haile Gebrselassie is looking to run at least one more marathon before retirement.

If Haile Gebrselassie was peeved at being upstaged by a couple of in-form Kenyans in the Singapore Marathon 10km at the start of the month, he soon retrieved his equanimity, and was mulling over at least “one more marathon,” before retiring to the celebrity circuit and a leap into national politics.

He admits to being 41 although many – even in Ethiopia – believe he may be up to three or four years older which makes his achievements even more extraordinary. He has already enjoyed the longest international career – 23 years so far – at the top of the most punishing of pursuits, long-distance running.

And there was a nice coincidence in meeting up in Singapore with Steve Moneghetti. The marathon-runner from Australia was working on the television production. He was also the man who deprived Gebrselassie and his colleagues of victory in his first ever international trip, to an Ekiden relay in Japan some 23 years ago.

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