Nine parties to “cooperate” for upcoming election

Political CooperationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia – Nine opposition parties have formed a platform for cooperation to stand together in the upcoming election and, in the long run, to create a platform where the parties can work together to ensure the existence of free, fair, participatory and credible elections, to expand the political space and to work on issues related to human and democratic rights of citizens.

The cooperation between these parties was disclosed on October 22 at the offices of the Semayawi Party (Blue) and, according to the statement given by the organizers of the cooperation, Yilikal Getnet (Eng.) of Semaywi Party and Girma Bekele of the Omo Peoples’ Democratic Unity were elected as chairman and secretary of the cooperation, respectively.

The nine parties that formed the cooperation are the All Ethiopian Unity Organization (AEUO), the All Ethiopian Democratic Party (AEDP), All Amhara People’s Organization (AAPO), Semayawi Party, Sodo Gordena Peoples’ Democratic Organization (SGPDO), Ethiopian National Unity Party (ENUP), Omo Peoples’ Democratic Union (OPDU), Kembata Peoples’ Congress (KPC), and Gedio People’s Democratic Organization (GPDO).

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