Gonder Fasiledes CastleAddis Ababa, Ethiopia – North American National Tour visitors who visited Ethiopia recently said that Ethiopia is an incredibly diverse nation with infinite tourist destinations which could drastically build its image at global level.

The group which included authors, journalists, educators and travel operators made the remark later last week after they visited the country for ten days.

The visitors during their stay in Ethiopia traveled to great tourist destinations such as Lalibela, Aksum, Gondar and the Blue Nile.

Yuriy Sigov, Author and journalist in the United States said Ethiopia is a country with an absolutely great potential for tourism but which still needs to promote itself to the rest of the world.

“Many people still perceive Africa as something backward, poor and continent in misery and sickness but Ethiopia is different in that it is a country with fantastic tourist sites and fantastic people,” Sigov said.

Axum ObelisksSigov also said that his perception is that Ethiopia has to work on promoting itself aggressively. This is a unique country, rich in diversity compared to other African countries. As it is difficult to reach tourists in North America and Europe and other parts of the world it is possible to do it locally.”

He says, through people, tourism is much more perceptible and Ethiopia has a great human resource. Visiting Ethiopia for the second time he said road construction has significantly improved over the last nine years increasing the accessibility of tourism sites in the country.“You are on the right track to raise the number of foreign visitors,” Sigov added.

NTA Director of International Development Hybina Hao also said that Ethiopian tourism can grow as much as the rest of tourism owning countries provided that it continues to build its capacity to meet the demands of international tourists and promote its endowment.

The visitors have shared their experiences upon concluding their ten-day visit. They commented that some human activities around tourism destinations such as kids begging tourists for penny should be taken care of doing because they may tarnish image of the nation.

Blue Nile Falls

John William came to Ethiopia to celebrate Meskel two weeks ago. And, it was not his first time visiting Ethiopia but he came to Ethiopia many times. John says that he likes to visit Ethiopia very often not only for its impressive historical features but also to enjoy the humble hospitality and kind approaches of the people.

Christina Bie was also one of Meskel celebrants from Canada. She said: “I have seen no country like Ethiopia which is endowed with some kind of unique scenery and natural heritage in every village and region you move.”

By creating websites and other online platforms, the group of visitors noted that the country’s image should be posted to communicate and to invite the outside world. They also pledged to introduce Ethiopia to others in various events back home.

Ethiopian Tourism Organization Chief Executive Officer Solomon Tadesse on his part said that the government has planned to launch a website that would enable the country promote itself providing details information about its countless natural and historical destinations.

He said that his organization would work hard to raise the standardization of tourism particularly in the hospitality industry and around tourist destinations.

Source: Ethiopian Herald