Ethiopia’s big plans to boost tourist numbers

Simien Lodge

Perched at 3,260m (10,696 ft) above sea level, the Simien Lodge is the highest hotel in Africa.

It was built in 2007 by a British entrepreneur who had an eye for a dramatic view and was not put off by the challenge of building in Ethiopia‘s rugged and isolated Simien Mountains.

The man in question, Nick Crane, first came to Ethiopia to help during its 1974 drought.

Now the 62-year-old is at the forefront of promoting a positive side to this unique and still misunderstood country.

When not in Ethiopia, Mr Crane spends much of his time visiting travel companies across Europe to highlight the nation’s scenery and wildlife, and rich cultural and historic sites.

“Previously some tour operators would not touch Ethiopia with a barge pole,” he says. “But now that is changing.”

Untapped potential

Ethiopia’s tourism industry has long lagged behind other African nations.

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