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GGRFThis month, Girls Gotta Run Foundation (GGRF)  is supporting new programs, runners and ways for you to connect with our work in Ethiopia. Read more to learn how you can help increase GGRF’s impact today.


Congrats to Genzebe Dibaba who set three world records in 15 days this month! Genzebe is the youngest sister of Olympian Tirunesh Dibaba. The Dibaba sisters are from Bekoji, Ethiopia and first started running under the direction of Coach Sintatyehu.

Today, we are excited to add two new runners to the Bekoji Project that supports girl runners in Bekoji to train under the direction of Coach Sintayehu like Tirunesh and Genzebe Dibaba did. Welcome to the Bekoji Project, Gaddise and Tsigereda! Read more about the Bekoji Project athletes HERE.


We are getting ready to launch the Athletic Scholarships Program in Sodo, Ethiopia. We need 5 more Athletic Scholarships Sponsors so that each girl will have a penpal and full athletic scholarship this year. Individuals, groups of friends, sports teams, clubs, families etc can become sponsors. Please consider providing this opportunity for a girl runner today:

$600 or $50/month provides a year-long Athletic Scholarship for a girl in Sodo, Ethiopia. Athletic Scholarships include:

• Full scholarship to attend secondary school.
• Completion of the GGRF/CCL Life Skills Curriculum
• Running clothes, shoes and healthy snacks for the year
• Entrance and transportation to Ethiopian races throughout the year
• Oversight of a coach and running mentor

As an Athletic Scholarship Sponsor, you will receive the following this year:

• Biography and photos of the girl whose scholarship you are sponsoring
• 4 letters from the scholarship recipient, 2 each semester
• 2 report cards, 1 each semester
• Opportunity to be a penpal with sponsored student athlete

To become an Athletic Scholarship Sponsor today and/or for more information about the program, sponsorship and donation methods, please contact Kayla Nolan at

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up to be an Athletic Scholarship Sponsor for 2014!

Many thanks,

The Girls Gotta Run Foundation Athletes, Board and Advisory Board 

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Source: GGRF


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