Libya defeats Ethiopia 2-0

South Africa – Libya defeated Ethiopia 2-0 here today in Group C match of the 2014 African Championships.

Here is Live Commentary from Libya SPORTS MOLE

90+5 minFULL TIME: Libya 2-0 Ethiopia
90+4 minLibya pass the ball among the back four as they wait for the added time to run down. This result will put them above Ghana in the highly-competitive Group C.
90+1 minCHANCE! Nashnoush makes another save, palming away a free kick effort from Minyahile. There will be five minutes of stoppage time. 
88 minLibya really have switched to defensive mode now, with practically the whole team behind the ball. They don’t need to worry though, as Ethiopia‘s heads have dropped since the second goal.
84 minAbd Selam Al Fitouri has seemingly won it for Libya, slotting in their second of the game. A horrendous mix up by the defence sees Hailu play the ball in front of goal, allowing the substitute to slot it in past Bushra.
84 minGOAL! Libya 2-0 Ethiopia (Al Fitouri)
81 minAhmed Al Maghasi goes on a decent run towards the Ethiopia goal, trying to find a second for Libya, but a poor touch while lining up the shot allows Ethiopia to clear the danger.
79 minEthiopia win a corner, but it comes to nothing. They quickly get the ball back in midfield, but Libya are still making it difficult for them to move the ball towards the penalty area. It definitely looks like Libya think one goal will be enough, as there’s been very little attacking intent from them in the last 15 minutes.
76 minChances are really few and far between at the moment. Ethiopia try to play the ball forward, but Fantu drifts offside. It’s the third time that Ethiopia have been flagged for offside this evening.
72 minThe substitute comes close to adding a second for Libya, as he unleashes a powerful strike from the edge of the box, but it’s comfortably held by Bushra.
69 minSUB! Libya make their second change of the game, bringing on Anis Mohamed Saltou for Faisal Saleh
66 minJust as I say that, Libya suddently break from midfield and win a corner, but Al Gritly’s delivery is far too powerful, easily clearing the penalty area before going out the other side.
64 minThere’s been very little in the way of attacking moves by either team since Fantu’s chance a few minutes ago. Libya seem to have given up looking for their second, while Ethiopia can’t find a way through for the equalier.
62 minIf the game finishes as it is, Libya will be tied at the top of group C with Ghana, who beat Congo 1-0 earlier.
59 minCHANCE! That has to have been Ethiopia’s best opportunity of the match. Fantu does all the hard work, breaking from midfield, rounding several defenders to leave himself with just the keeper to beat. He had a couple of teammates alongside him, but thought that he could dink it over the keeper himself, but he gave it too much, sending the ball well high.
57 minSUB! Moaied Abdeslam Al Gritly comes on to make his Libya debut, replacing Ali Mohamed Al Musrati.
55 minCHANCE! Some fantastic commitment from Sabbou gets the ball into the box for El Gadi, but the Libya midfielder’s effort is a fraction wide.
53 minCHANCE! Megersa fails to spot that he has teammates ahead of him closing in on the Libya penalty area and takes a shot himself from long range, but it was always going high.
52 minFantu shows why he was brought off the bench at half time, skipping around the Libya defence before his cross is blocked. It looks like the winger could prove a bit of a handful.
51 minEthiopia seem content just to keep possession at the moment and wait for an opportunity to present itself, but Libya decide not to give them that chance, as El Gadi makes a solid tackle in the centre circle to win the ball back for Libya.
48 minIt looks like Ethiopia may have to make their second change as Tesfaye Seyoum appears to have picked up an ankle knock, and is quickly stretchered to the sideline.
46 minEthiopia get the second half underway.
7.05pm SUB! Abera Manaye Fantu comes off the bench for the visitors, replacing Dawit Fekadu.
7.04pmIt looks like Ethiopia will be making a change before the second half gets underway.
7.03pmThe players are making their way back out ready for the second half.
6.59pmThe bookings may force some early substitutions once play resumes, although Ethiopia may be looking to make some changes anyway as they continue to try and get back on level terms.
6.56pmDiscipline became a bit of a problem towards the end of the half, with challenges flying in all over the place! The referee has had to dish out three yellow cards so far, but if the tackling stays like that after the break I wouldn’t be surprised to see a red.
6.53pmSo at the break, Libya have a 1-0 lead thanks to an early strike from El Mutasem Abushnaf. The Libyan players had several chances to increase their lead, but Muhammad Nashnoush has also had to be alert in goal to stop a late equaliser from Ethiopia.


45+3 minHALF TIME: Libya 1-0 Ethiopia
45+3 minLibya show their speed again on a dangerous-looking counter attack, but Ethiopia get numbers back at the last minute. Ethiopia then go on their own counter, leaving Libya short of the back, but Nashnoush is able to stop efforts from Oukri and Fedaku.
45+1 minLibya are trying to finish strongly, obviously wanting to avoid being behind at the break, but Libya’s defenders are well organised at the back. Ethiopia have three minutes of stoppage time if they want to find the equaliser before half time.
44 minBOOKING! It’s turning into quite a scrappy affair late in this first half, as Asrat Gobena in the third player to be, having shoved Abdelrahram Fetori behind the goalline while trying to shoot for Ethiopia.
41 minCHANCE! Abushnaf drills his free kick through the wall, but Bushra is able to make the save, initially parrying the ball before burying it beneath him.
40 minBOOKING! The free kick is delayed as Ethiopia won’t let the Libyan players stand in the wall. After much pushing an shoving, the referee has to intervene, booking Faisal Saleh
38 minAbushnaf is tripped right on the edge of the penalty area by Reda, having already shaken of a challenge from Degu, giving Libya a chance from a dangerous position.
36 minEthiopia win a throw in near the corner, and get the ball into the box with stunning fast passes, but Libya manage to block Abebaw’s attempted cross.
34 minEthiopia are beginning to dominate possession, but still struggling to get forward. Minyahile has the ball 25 yards out, but has no-one ahead of him so decides to take it on himself from long range, but his finish is well high.
31 minLibya will be worries to see goalscorer Abushnaf in pain on the ground after a nasty looking challenge from Degu. The physio manages to get him into his feet to get him to the side of the pitch for a better look. He seems to be moving alright under his own weight so should be ok to carry on
28 minCHANCE! Assefa lofts the ball in high for Alemu, but he isn’t completely in control when he takes his shot, sending the ball well clear of the crossbar.
27 minEthiopia make a series of quick passes in midfield which gets the crowd going, but Libya manage to force them backwards. They eventually find their way to the edge of the Libya penalty area, but the danger is swiftly cleared.
24 minEthiopia are starting to look a bit more organised, and are spending less time in their own half, but Libya still seem to be in control, but Al Ghanodi gives away a free keep to give the ball back to Ethiopia.
20 minBOOKING! Mahomed AL Ghanodi picks up the game’s first booking for what appeared to be an off the ball incident.
20 minCHANCE! Libya quickly go on the counter attack, and win a corner, but Al Gritly’s attempt to tap it in is saved.
18 minCHANCE! Muhammad Nashnoush has to make his first save of the game for Libya as Alemu shows his athleticism to control the ball in midfield, before unleashing a rocket from almost 30 yards out. That’s the first decent shot Ethiopia have had.
16 minDespite Libya’s obvious attacking edge, Ethiopia have actually seen more of the ball so far, with 55% of the possession, they’re just struggling to do anything with it at the moment.
15 minEthiopia manage to get into a strong attacking postition, but the referee spots a foul on Al Alwany in the box, and gives Libya the free kick.
14 minCHANCE! Abushnaf almost adds his second, unleashing a powerful effort from 20 yards out, but it rises just a fraction too high. Ethiopia have just no mementum whatsoever at the moment, they’re lucky to only be a goal behind.
12 minA back pass goes wrong for Ethiopia, almost resulting in an own goal, but it goes wide for a corner. El Houni tries to head it in from the corner, but it goes just wide.
10 minEthiopia finally make their way into the Libye half, with Abebaw dashing down the wing before winning a throw in. He launches it long into the penalty area, but it’s claimed by the keeper.
8 minLibya are on the attack again and have a free kick from around 25 yards out. El Gadi smashes it towards goal, but Bushra is able to get a hand to it in the Ethiopia goal to keep the ball out. Libya look just unstoppable at the moment.
4 minWhat a start by Libya! El Mutasem Abushnaf uses all of his pace and some impressive footwork to find his way into the box. Initially it looks like he’s left himself too tight an angle to make the shot, but somehow he forces it over the line to give Libya an early lead.
4 minGOAL! Libya 1-0 Ethiopia (Abushnaf)
3 minLibya quickly win a free kick out wide after Fetori was tripped while racing towards the Ethiopia goal. The midfielder gets a chance inside the box, but can’t keep his effort on target.
1 minLibya get the first half underway.

ETHIOPIA STARTING XI: Butako Bune Abebaw, Dereje Genet Alemu, Tariku Getnet Alemu, Fasika Gebregiorgis Asfaw, Ephrem Melore Ashamo, Behailu Assefa, Hailu Reda Aynalem, Saladin Bargecho, Berhanu Bogale, Degu Debede, Biyadiglign Elyaszewg

LIBYA STARTING XI: El Mutasem Abushnaf, Ahmed Al Alwany, Abd Selam Al Fitouri, Mohamed Ali Al Gabsi, Mohamed Al Ghanodi, Moaied Abdeslam Al Gritly, Ahmed Mohamed Al Maghasi, Muataz Fadel Al Mahdi, Ali Mohamed Al Musrati, Mohamed El Hnaish El Gadi, Ali Taher El Hadi

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