Bearing business with equanimity

Africa Vacation Lodge

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – For Selam Sisay, a young lady in her late twenties, experiencing tranquility at a wonderful beach is simply a gift of God, feeling like she is in paradise when she touches the sand. However, she knows this ecstasy will not last, as tomorrow she is on her way back to Addis for her tedious business.

This is what many commuters feel when they arrive at the beaches of the Langano recreational spot, found just 200km south-east of the capital. Some well-to-do families can stay there for days and weeks, bearing the exorbitant prices for rooms, baths, meals, and drinks. “If one could own a villa or plot at the beach it would be like living in an authentic paradise,” Salam explained, dreaming of the future.

When thinking of having a great vacation on white sandy beaches, the Caribbean, islands on the Indian Ocean like the Maldives usually pops up in one’s head. Some have lush gardens and palm trees while others have golf courses and spas.

With Addis increasingly growing hectic due to all the construction, people yearn for a place to breathe. This is apparent when you witness all those managing to escape – automobiles and vans carrying families in all directions to neighboring towns or resorts. The favorite weekend recreational spots for Addis Ababans are said to be Sodere, 25km from Adama (Nazareth), various resorts in Bishoftu (Debre Zeit), and Hawassa, while Langano remains ideal for some.

Lake Langano, famous for its authentic beaches and brown water, has been a major tourist destination for many years. As one of the Rift Valley lakes formed by volcanoes in the south, Langano looks stunning when viewed from the surrounding mountain ranges. Resorts such as Bishangari, African Vacation and Langano Lodge add a certain luxury to the area. Read more