Ethiopian-Born Author Now Residing in Denver Releases Debut Book ‘You Matter,’ an Inspiring Autobiographical Journey Documenting the Beauty of the Unbreakable Human Spirit

You MatterNegou Seid delivers message of hope, optimism and love, and stresses the importance of the worth of every individual with “You Matter: Love, Experience, Struggles, Media, and You”

DENVER, Sept. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Negou Seid, the young and ambitious author from Denver, Colorado, has touched many hearts with his encouraging words about making connections and finding happiness. His book delivers hopeful messages that inspire, heal and open your eyes to relationships, love, and all the things to that matter to you. Anyone who has experienced a sense of loss, loneliness, or detachment needs to read this heart-aching journey of self-discovery.

“You Matter” is an extraordinary work of art; it is more than a book. It is life lessons – having critical eyes open to everyday struggles and ultimately being happy. This book will touch the heart of readers. The book takes place on campus and throughout the stories will take readers to many different places in the author’s life. This is a must read, and it will make a perfect gift for loved ones.

“You Matter: Love, Experience, Struggles, Media, and You” will keep readers entertained from the moment they start reading. The book follows the author’s life through an array of stories detailing friends, family, classmates, his neighborhood, and how media connected them all in his own search for happiness. This book is relevant to everyone’s life because human beings all struggle in their search for happiness in this ever-evolving landscape, and the author deeply understands this.

“You Matter” is not just a title; it is a belief that every individual brings something amazing into this world. As the author states, “Know you are amazing because you have made it this far in life, through all the struggles and heartaches and yet you remain optimistic. Finally, understand you are the light for someone, always shine and stay beautiful.” This uplifting book is published in America and distributed all around the world. “Purchase a copy of it today – it will change your life,” promises the author.

About the Author:

Negou Seid was born in Ethiopia and moved to Denver when he was twelve. He attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and graduated with degrees in Ethnic Studies and Communication. Currently he lives in Aurora, Colorado with his wife. He plans to finish his next novel and to one day teach as a professor of Ethnic Studies.

For more information please call: Negou Seid, 720-209-7375. You can also email the author: Email.


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