Tesfaye AlebachewAddis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Ethiopian St. George side will entertain Stade Malien team on Sunday in the first leg of the CAF confederation group stage competition at the Addis Ababa stadium. Midfielder Tesfaye Alebachew is confident that his side will collect the full three points with win over the Malian side. He talked with Cafonline.com about the Sunday first leg match.

Cafonline.com: It is now a rainy season. Do you think you will perform well on Sunday?
Tesfaye Alebachew: Considering the rain we are currently making our preparation outside Addis Ababa. But the Addis Ababa stadium pitch is quite good this time as I saw it last Sunday in the match against the Rwandan side. I was in the midfield where most of the touch passed through. It was not a muddy pitch as it used to be in the rainy season. If the pitch remains same, I think we will perform well to beat our opponent
Cafonline.com: Your opponents are experienced.  
Tesfaye Alebachew: Well, our group is composed of two Tunisian teams and the Malian side. I know that the Tunisian sides are strong with lots of experience in the continental club competitions. But this time we have also good experience. Most of St. George’s players have been in the national team for over a year. This year we have more than ten international club matches. That surely helps us gain international experience.
Cafonline.com: What do you expect on Sunday?
Tesfaye Alebachew: I am very positive that our side will win. We are confident in that. We are also very well prepared for the Sunday match. In addition to this all our players are in good form. The spirit is high. After reaching the group stage we have been inspired to go to one higher place. The Ethiopian clubs didn’t have the chance to reach the group stage in the CAF competitions. We have seen that it is possible to win other big African teams. We are determined to do so.
Cafonline.com: The local competition was closed two weeks ago. You played for the national team last Sunday. Don’t you feel fatigue?
Tesfaye Alebachew: There is the problem of exhaustion. But As I saw the games are attractive. In the last three or four local competitions we played hard to improve position. The matches were very exciting. We finished second in the season’s premier league contest. When you play for the national team you feel you are fresh because the people motivate you very much. Again the Sunday match is an international one. We are all motivated to beat the visiting side. Even if there is the feeling of fatigue the nature of the games helped us play strong.
Source: CAFOnline.com