State secures over 145 million Birr from tourism


Hawassa (ENA) – Over 145 million Birr was secured from more than 600,000 tourists, who visited religious, natural, cultural and historical sites in South Ethiopia Peoples’ State during the last nine months, the regional culture and tourism bureau said.

Government communication work process representative with the bureau, Seblework Abebe said more than 500,000 of the visitors are Ethiopians. She said the revenue and the number of tourists exceeded by over 35 per cent and more than 39 per cent compared to that of same period last year.

Activities carried out to promote tourist sites in the state, relevant training offered to tour operators, increasing number of tourist attractions as well as availability of infrastructure development contributed to the growth in the revenue and increase in the number of tourists.

Tiya archaeological site, Lower Valley of the Omo, Konso Cultural Landscape, Arba-Minch Crocodile Ranch, Ajora Falls in Wolayta, among others, are some of the attractions in the state.

Ethiopia is endowed with diverse tourist attractions. Nine of the country’s heritages including the Tiya archaeological site and the Konso Cultural Landscape are inscribed by UNESCO as World Heritages.


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