By Marta Zerihun

The 50th AU Anniversary is a great opportunity to sell new images of Ethiopia to guests and dignitaries who come to Addis Ababa to partake in the celebrations of the continental body. This occasion is a further opportunity to convince the guests to give visits to Ethiopia’s tourism attractions.

This came at a press conference the Addis Ababa Private Travel and Tourism Association held on Thursday 9 may 2013.

The Association has made preparations to promote Ethiopian tourism attractions to lure guests to go to tourism destinations here. The tourism destinations are identified with presentations tailored for this purpose.

Ethiopia so far receives yearly around 500,000 thousand tourists from around the world. Now the intention is to increase the number of foreign tourists to over a million maximizing Addis Ababa’s unique position as the diplomatic center of the continent and the occasion for the 50th Anniversary of AU.

Source: Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (ERTA)