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Cape Town, South Africa (PRWEB) May 07, 2013 - Passage to Africa has created a safari invitational for only the fittest and bravest to Ethiopia‘s extreme remote areas with vanishing tribal cultures from the horn of Africa. These intrepid travelers will be immersed in tribal lifestyles and living museums largely unaffected by the western world, interspersed with ‘street level culture’ cafes, bars, sidewalk musicians, small galleries and bistros. Expect occasional spartan accommodations, contingency plans and unfamiliar situations on this expedition.

“In the Hamar Mountains we will witness Bull Jumping Ceremonies – rights of passage for young men into adulthood – where women with long braided hair proudly display welts and scars that symbolize their strength, love and devotion to the initiate,” said Michael Lorentz, principal guide and founder of Passage to Africa safaris. “The Karo take tremendous care and pride in adorning themselves with white and yellow clay body art as they prepare for ancient ceremonies of music and dance. We will also visit Nyangatom (“elephant eaters”) homesteads – the most warlike and feared of all Omo tribesmen – and the Mursi, where some of the women insert up to seven-inch diameter clay plates into their lower lips!”

Michael Lorentz and his team have taken great care to research and develop relationships within each village they visit. They actively finance community development projects and avoid confrontation or exploitative encounters by observing important courtesies (spending time being one of the most significant matters of local courtesy.) At certain times the ceremonies are private and may not be photographed, while some individuals do not wish to be photographed at all. At other times the sheer warmth and delight at openly displaying traditional dress and rituals is overwhelming. Michael, as an award winning photographer himself, is well aware of these nuances. Safely experience a spectrum of emotions and bring back amazing memories and images with him as your guide.

The exclusive nature of this safari limits places to a maximum of eight guests. Please contact theteam@passagetoafrica.com for more information or booking.

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Interviews and Resource: Available with Michael Lorentz, founder of Passage To Africa and partner guides Sandor Carter and Richard Coke.