Top Five Sports Bars in Chicago

The Cubby Bear ChicagoChicago is home to five major professional sports teams and notoriously die hard fans, which is why it is one of the premier destinations to find top-notch sports bars. This a quick guide to the five best sports bars in Chicago, complete with great places to go before, during and after a game.

The Cubby Bear

Possibly the most classic and famous of Chicago sports bars, The Cubby Bear is a two-story, plain brick building located directly across from the main entrance of Wrigley Field. Expect all six bars in the Cubby Bear to be entirely packed before and after Cubs games, with diehard Cubs fans and recent college graduates who dominate Wrigleyville, many of whom were living in Fraternity and Sorority houses not too long ago. On nights where the Cubs aren’t playing, the Cubby Bear often hosts live musicians or DJs, featuring a wide variety of musical genres to fit any niche. Lastly, the Cubby Bear is decked out with 75 flat screen TVs in the midst of all the sports memorabilia. Read more