NBE to Undergo Million-Dollar Update

National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE)Central Bank awards Afcor contract to update outdated hardware, software and database storage systems.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) is acquiring IBM hardware and database solutions for close to a million dollars from local suppliers Afcor PLC. The two parties inked a deal on Wednesday April 10, 2013.

Looking to update its technology systems, the NBE had set out to replace its core banking, data storage and hardware systems for the 2012/13 fiscal year. Six months ago, it contracted the Indian company Polaris to replace its old CORE  Banking system for 3.4 million dollars.

Changing its hardware, software and database storage systems was next on NBE’s list for which it floated an international tender in December 2013. Though the initial deadline for the closing was January 14, it was extended for two weeks upon the request of companies, who complained that it would be difficult to get appropriate rates from manufacturers in such a short period of time as it was the holiday season.

Twelve companies bought bid documents, but only three submitted offers. Other than Afcor; United System Integrators (USI), which supplies Hewlett Packard (HP) hardware, and Boston Consulting, supplier of Oracle, also participated. All three bidders are local companies which have experience working with private commercial banks in the country. Read more


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