Hot-air Balloon near Luxor, Egypt ( )

Hot-air Balloon – Luxor, Egypt ( )

Hot-air balloon flights will be resumed in Luxor after all balloons were grounded for six weeks, head of the Civil Aviation Authority, Mohamed Sherif, said on Tuesday.

All hot-air balloon activities were suspended following a deadly accident that killed 19 people in February.

“Every passenger will sign a statement that he flies at his own responsibility,” head of the authority stated.

All procedures were reviewed and more technical standards related to periodic inspection of balloon companies and pilots were added in order to increase safety and limit risks, state news agency MENA reported Mohamed Sherif as saying.

A hot-air ballon accident that occurred last February left 19 people, mostly tourists, dead.

It also directly harmed the tourism industry in Luxor temporarily since the government ordered 40 companies that arrange hot-air balloon flights to halt their activities until the result of ongoing investigations are complete.

Balloon rides from Sky Cruise, the operator of the stricken balloon, have been suspended until investigations are complete and a final report is issued, head of the aviation authority said.