Ethiopia-US tourism promotion event marked in Washington D.C

US-Ethiopia Tourism EventAddis Ababa, April 10 (WIC) – A “Business to Business Meeting” designed at bolstering Ethiopian Tourism Market in the US and engage American Tour Operators with their Ethiopian counter-parts was held at the premises of the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C on Tuesday, a press release obtained from the Embassy stated.

The event is seen as an ideal venue for creating the necessary enabling conducive environment for networking of enterprises deployed in the hospitality industries of the two countries, according to the press release.

Tadelech Dalecho, Ethiopian State Minister of Culture and Tourism, who was on hand to declare this auspicious event opened, stated in her speech that Ethiopia is endowed with diverse tourist attractions and great varieties of land, climate, people, cultures and languages.

“It is an ancient nation with great diversity filled with rich historical, cultural, and archaeological attractions, as well as numerous areas rich in wildlife”, she underscored.

The State Minister said on the occasion that Ethiopia is the cradle of humanity where pre-historic tools dated as far back as six million years ago were unearthed with Lucy (who is locally known as “Dinknesh”), as the most remarkable of the numerous discoveries.

Tadelech related that the 3.2 million years old skeleton of a female hominid i.e. Lucy that made its maiden sojourn to the US as the first “oldest visitor” to America has connected the American people with their human ancient ancestors.

The State Minister also referred that the country has the innate drive to entice visitors with opportunities for tourism and put the feature of religion ranking Ethiopia as the pioneer venue of the great ancient faiths. Read more


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