Meatless Mondays: Becky and Kedist Tsadik, A Modern Ethiopian Supper Club + A Yellow Split Pea Recipe

Yellow Split Peas (Photo: Alyssa Tembrina Photography)
Yellow Split Peas (Photo: Alyssa Tembrina Photography)

Los Angeles, California - Becky and Kedist Tsadik’s Ethiopian supper club Bereket began as a class assignment. In her second year of business school at UCLA, Kedist, 29, drew up plans for an upscale Ethiopian restaurant and entered the campus international food festival for empirical research. Her food kiosk ended up winning the best food category at the festival.

“I saw first hand the reaction people had to food that I was used to eating all the time. The reaction was so exciting and overwhelmingly positive. People wanted to know why they haven’t had this before. The line never stopped and we sold out. Everyone was talking about Ethiopian food,” says Kedist.

Witnessing the demand, she asked Becky if she would be interested in working on a concept together. With a culinary career based in Chicago, Becky was reticent over the phone. By the time she came out to Los Angeles for Kedist’s graduation in 2011, she had a collection of recipes in hand as a gift. Read more


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