MLS’ Michael Lahoud: From Philly to South Africa

Michael Lahoud (
Michael Lahoud (

Michael Lahoud took a trip to South Africa during this past MLS off-season. Below he shares with us the reason of his trip, how it all went, and what he learned from his adventure. Check out the video then be sure to read his humbling story.

Last summer, as I was adjusting to my new surroundings in Philadelphia, I felt a need for something. The word “need” isn’t nearly as fitting for what I felt; it was more of a craving. I craved an adventure, an expedition that could take place outside the confines of the place I now live. When my recent trip to South Africa fell in my lap, I was reluctant to jump on it at first because it was a journey into the unknown, but now I can tell you it’s a trip that has greatly impacted me for the better.

Prior to this trip, I had never been on a mission trip before. In addition, I had never been out of the country for something outside of purely playing soccer. I had intended to go to South Africa as Michael Lahoud, the soccer player; instead, I entered the country as Michael Lahoud, the man. This adventure was a bit personal for me since it was the first time I’ve had a chance to go back to Africa. Although I didn’t venture to my native country of Sierra Leone, it was a massive step towards my hopes of returning there one day. Read more on Soccer Without Limits


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