Accra, Ghana

Accra, Ghana


Africa Domestic Tourism Development Agency, (ADTDA) a non-governmental agency for the promotion and development of domestic and regional tourism in Africa, in collaboration with Ghana Domestic Tourism Company Limited is to organize the Africa Domestic Tourism Investment Forum from 18 – 19 September 2013. The two-day (2) investment forum will precede the Ghana Domestic Tourism Fair & Exhibition 2013 (; which will be held from 20-22 September 2013, at the National Theatre Accra, Ghana.

The aim of Africa Domestic Tourism sector for investment, growth and employment and is under the theme ‘Invest in Possibilities: Domestic Tourism for Investment & Growth. The United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNTWO) and tourism sector analysis project Africa’s tourism potentiality growth from the $54bn of direct industry travel and tourism it earned in 2010, to approximately $254bn, – five current earnings. Africa has increased its global market share of international arrivals – from 3.6% in 1995 to 4.1% in 2003.

However Africa’s real competitive advantage is in domestic and regional tourism. This sector according to analysts, serves as a lead catalyst for growth in the tourism sector in general e.g. South Africa’s domestic tourists sector remains, the largest contributor to tourist volume in South Africa, with 79% of the total (including in-bond international tourists) volume in 2010 derived from domestic tourists receipts. This comes as a direct investment and promotion of domestic tourism in South Africa. Barima Adu-Asmoa, Executive Director of Africa Domestic Tourism Agency stated, ‘domestic tourism trend has shown consistent growth over the last two decades tourism sector provides an avenue and opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs and policy makers in advancing the domestic tourism sector in Africa.’

The objectives of the forum are to:

• Provide a platform and present Africa’s domestic tourism sector as a major investment portfolio for opportunities and expansion to foreign and local investors.

• Bring together investors, policymakers, government agencies and private entrepreneurs to dialogue in repositioning domestic tourism sector in Africa.

• Re-orientate Africa’s tourism sector for new and emerging external markets.

• Network and create partnership with stake holders from around the world.

Barima Adu-Asmoa added, ‘Domestic tourism is key to the overall development in bound international tourist in Africa and this sector needs all the necessary attention and support to expand and make greater contribution to the GDP of our countries, create sustainable jobs, and impact on poverty elimination. The forum is an excellent medium and a platform to promote and explore inter regional and sub-regional markets.’

Africa Domestic Tourism ForumThe Africa Domestic Tourism Development Agency (ADTDA) is a registered non-profit non-governmental organization with the head office in Accra, Ghana and affiliated to other sector organizations world-wide. The objectives of the organization are:• Project Africa’s domestic tourism sector as a major investment portfolio for both local and foreign investors.

• Provide governments, donor partners, stakeholders and private sector in mobilizing resources and capacities to support domestic tourism in Africa.

• Engage the youth in entrepreneurship ventures in domestic tourism industry for gainful employment and poverty alleviation.

• Advocate for high professional standards in the industry.