Lucy (Photo: Troy Fields)

Lucy (Photo: Troy Fields)

More surprises from Ethiopia – restaurant with generous portions, good food and a place to dance away the calories after dinner.

By Katharine Shilcutt Wednesday, Jan 2 2013

See more colorful photos from Lucy’s dining room and kitchen in this week’s slideshow.

It’s not often you find yourself getting bottle service at a mesob, the woven round table that functions as the traditional serving structure at Ethiopian restaurants. It’s short, small and close to the ground. You don’t sit stiffly at a mesob, back straight and elbows off the table. You crouch over it in a huddle with friends, everyone attacking the communal plate at once with big, spongy sheets of injerabread and lifting huge portions of doro wot — a spicy chicken stew — or steamed greens to their mouths with relish. Read more