Addis Hilton

Addis Hilton

What is the most luxurious destination in the world? Is it Paris? Milan? Rome? New York? Tokyo? Or is it a hidden gem, like Ethiopia? If luxury, to you, means unsurpassed natural beauty, a rich and varied culture, a commitment to its ancient traditions, wonderful, serene accommodations, and the relative peace and quiet to enjoy its many attractions, then Ethiopia is indeed a premiere destination. As Ethiopia’s tourism industry likes to say, come and enjoy Ethiopia before the tourists get here!

Ethiopia is also proud of saying that they are blessed with sunshine for thirteen months of the year. Hyperbole? Not really! Following the Julian calendar, Ethiopia has twelve thirty-day months, and a thirteenth month with five days. Another bonus for travelers, according to the immensely proud Ethiopians: their calendar is seven years and eight months behind that which is used by western society. You can literally turn back time and “you will be seven years younger when you arrive in Ethiopia.” Sunshine and youth: what could be better?

Besides these very unique luxuries, what else can the beautiful country of Ethiopia offer the visitor? Many do not realize that it can be, in fact, a very lavish destination. Luxury hotels dot the incredible landscape, from its game-filled savannah to its rugged mountain peaks. These include a full range of amenities and are available for a number of different travel budgets. The ultrachic Hilton Addis, for instance, offers guests pools, shops, restaurants, gym, satellite television, internet access, beauty salons, gorgeous fully-appointed rooms, and much more. Hotels offering basics such as private baths and showers are much more numerous and budget-friendly. You can search for hotels by which particular amenities you require at Ethiopia’s official tourism site.

Ethiopia’s greatest gift to the traveler, and indeed to itself, is its wealth of history and culture. Over eighty different ethnicities co-mingle in the country, and you will hear the song of some 200 spoken dialects. Besides the natural beauty that is so evident in Ethiopia’s national parks, where visitors can see lions, gazelles, cheetahs, baboons, green monkeys, and more, Ethiopia offers glimpses into ancient rites and rituals. Visitors can visit rock-hewn churches at Lalibela, amazing castles of Gondar, or the thriving and chaotic Merkato Marketplace. There is so much to see and do in this intriguing, multifaceted country.

Traveling to Ethiopia between October and April is ideal because the climate is more temperate. June through October is the rainy season, and you may be advised not to travel during this time. However, you may find it quiet and much, much more brilliant with green grass and wildflowers.

True luxury is finding beauty in the unexpected. Ethiopia is both very unexpected and entirely unforgettable.

Source: Luxury Travel Blog.