Lieutenant Zewdie Eshete’s brief biography

Lieutenant Zewdie EsheteAddis Ababa, Ethiopia – Lieutenant Zewdie Eshete was born to his father Eshete Mebrate and his mother Tewabech Mentekie in Menze Woreda, North Shoa Zone of Amhara State on 17 August 1941 E.C.

As a young boy he had a desire to serve his country and the society joining the then army. In march 15/1954 EC, he got the chance to join the police force and he served in various departments. To mention but a few, he served as a trainer of horse riders, head of animal training main department and from June 22, 1960 to 1988 EC he worked in the Ethiopian Equestrian Federation.

He was a famous horse-rider who competed in various international tournaments held at Janmeda, Golf Club, Mekannisa, Italian and France embassies and won enormous medals and cups.

He was a four times champion in international horse riding and polo competitions which were held in France and Djibouti with horses like ‘Demoze’ and ‘Genet’. He had won over 100 cups, medals and other awards for his country.

From 1986 to 1988 EC, he served as a member in Ethiopian Equestrian Association. He also served as a manager of animal pen for a year. Later on, he worked as a referee of horse jumping and polo competitions up to his final breath.

In general, the late Zewdie had been working for 36 years under the Police Commission with great honesty. Following his committed services, he was awarded with a rank of deputy sergeant in 1981. He latter on was upgraded to the rank of lieutenant.

His colleagues expressed him as a dedicated and sociable person.

Though Lieutenant Zewdie had been attending medical treatment at the Balcha Aba Neffso Hospital following his illness, he could not recover and passed away on December 2, 2012 at the age of 64.

We greatly missed this famous sportsman, The Ethiopian Equestrian Association would like to pass its condolences to his family, friends and relatives.

Source: Ethiopian Herald


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