Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Continuing on its interest to enter the Ethiopian market, South African Hotel operator, Southern Sun Hotels, recently submitted a proposal to Ethiopian Airlines to help construct and manage an international standard hotel.

The Company founded in1961 by South African Breweries operates several well known brands including the company’s name sake Southern Sun Hotels; Sun Square; Garden Court; Formula 1 and Holiday Inn and Intercontinental Hotel chains located in Africa. It has now decided to expand its presence, which spans over 90 hotels in Africa including in South Africa, Mozambique, Seychelles, Kenya, Mozambique, and Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Airlines had announced its plans to build a three-four star hotel on 40,000sqm plot of land opposite to the Millennium Hall on African Avenue in 2009.

Seeing the open opportunity, Southern Sun had submitted a proposal a month ago to build and manage the hotel partnering with Contractor Company, according to their local consultant who wished to remain anonymous.