A day filled with tears

By Tibebeselassie Tigabu

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – A common household name and a legendary singer, Mahmoud Ahmed, is loved and adored by many Ethiopians.

Endowed with the gift of music, he has lived and breathed music his whole life.

He has spent years entertaining people and spreading love and joy through his music. He has been popular and loved, making music and performing in Ethiopia for the past four decades, bridging the age gap and bringing generations together. During every one of his concerts, you are sure to see people of all ages singing along his lyrics, admiring the living legend.

Mahmoud got it all; he made it to the top. Apart from being respected and loved by his people, he has also appeared on many international stages, surrounded by admirers of different origins.

Apart from winning many hearts, the tickets are sold before his concert and he was able to win many awards, including the BBC World Music Award.

Although he is renowned, Mahmoud seems to be a humble man filled with humility. Read more

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