Ethiopia – A land worth re-discovering

Forget what you thought you knew about Ethiopia, and allow yourself to re-discover a land which today is promising to be one of the best attractions of Africa.

A country with a booming economy, rich in history and culture, home of several world heritage sites, and definitely a place worth visiting.

A team made up of local journalists, television and radio producers, and representatives of travel agencies, recently left Seychelles for a one-week discovery mission, which would take them over as much of Ethiopia as the tightly-packed programmed would permit.

The media and travel agencies team were focused on the fact-finding part of the mission for their specific sectors,  left the country on an Ethiopian Airlines flight and landed in the capital Addis Ababa, which is also known as the political capital of Africa.

A short bus ride later, and we were in the town of Debre Zeit, just off the outskirts of the city, to spend the night in the amazing Kuriftu resort. Amazing, because this hotel is nothing like the typical hotel you expect to see, as it is designed and decorated in a purely exclusive African style, with everything unique, from the furniture to the grounds! Read more


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