Uneven Demissie Leaves Even Legacy

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Football has become one of the most popular entertainments in this country, courtesy to the media and the sports journalists working in them. Today, we have over 60 such men and women serving us in full-gear, glued to their television screens or bending over their personal computers and scrolling over different websites. We have been counting on them for several years now for up-to-date news and views on sports from all over the world.

But we have not reached this far through the modern gadgets of communication only. The vital role of dedicated and highly talented journalists, who were not even trained and skilled for the profession, cannot be underestimated.

Sport journalists, including Fikru Kidane, Solomon Tessema, Yimberberu Mitikie, Gorfineh Yimer and Demissie Damtie were pillars of the profession upon which dozens of present day sports journalists build their career.

While our condolences go to the beloved members of his family, it would be worthy to spend time to recall the legacy left behind by the late Demissie Damtie, who passed away last Monday afternoon at the police Hospital and was buried at the Trinity Cathedral cemetery, in the presence of many prominent officials, sports men and women, friends and fans. Demissie died at the age of 60 after enduring his ailment for the last three years. He had medical treatments here and abroad. Demissie is survived by his three daughters and his wife. Read more


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