The other side of Teddy Afro’s concert

By Tibebeselassie Tigabu and Mihret Aschalew

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Taking a glimpse of their short miniskirt outfits, their straightened hair, makeup, mascara and lipstick, one can guess that they were preparing themselves for a special occasion. On Saturday night, at Ghion Hotel, four girls were standing close to the employees’ canteen.

One of the girls, with her infectious love, was saying, “If I don’t do it for Teddy Afro who will I do it for then?”, explaining about why she straightened her hair.

It was not only these girls who came for the Teddy Afro concert, outfitted in short skirts and high heels. Other women were also in miniskirts and hight heels.

Their excitement and hype seem to make them forget the cold. Then they headed to the small underground toilet. Inside the toilet, which does not have light, three girls were changing from jeans to miniskirts. After a while, they came out and joined the crowd.

At the main gate, crowds were shoving and inside couples were lying on the grass while some were queuing up to get drinks. Before the star attraction came music, which was being played by the DJ.

From the day of the announcement everybody thought that tickets would be sold out. So many of his fans bought their tickets early.

On the concert day, the entire road was swarming with people.  The road that takes to the stadium, to Ambassador Theater and on the opposite side to Meskel Square, was so crowded.  Apart from that, there were rumors that fake tickets were being sold. Read more


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