Habesha Roxbury! at Hibernian Hall

J.P.’s hot Ethiopian group, Debo Band, joins colleagues from Addis Ababa for a show on Tuesday.

Though we’ve fallen behind such hipster heavens as Brooklyn and Silver Lake when it comes to generating and fostering cool rock bands, Boston remains one of the most vibrant musical cities in the country. And it’s not just because we’ve got Berklee and the New England Conservatory, or because we have classical musicians galore. It’s because we generate a wonderful amount of music that explores cultures from around the world, thanks to groups like the 11-person Debo Band, that plays massively danceable Ethiopian music. On Tuesday, it’ll be hosting what promises to be an exciting event called  ”Habesha Roxbury! A Celebration of Ethiopian Dance, Music, and Culture“ at Hibernian Hall. Read more



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