Yordanos Hotel Goes Grand with 200m Br New Structure

Hotel claims five-star but culture ministry does not endorse it.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Yordanos Hotel Plc inaugurated the self-proclaimed five-star Grand Yordanos Hotel on Saturday, September 22, 2012; the hotel, adjacent to the old three-star Yordanos Hotel, will run under a separate management.

The construction and furnishing of the new hotel took 200 million Br on 1,000sqm of land leased from the government for 1.7 million Br.

The Hotel located at Kazanchis, Guinea Conakry Street, is part of the former Yordanos Hotel Plc which has been in operation since May 1992, but with separate management.

“We requested to lease the land, previously administered by the Agency for Government Housing (AGH) for the construction of the hotel in 2002,” said Tamene Weldeyes, owner of Grand Yordanos Hotel. Read more


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