Dunn’s River Falls: A Living Phenomenon

Dunn’s River Falls is one of the top tourist attractions in Jamaica, with thousands of visitors descending upon the town of Ocho Rios on the north coast of the island to witness the spectacular cascading waterfall. Fortunately, the falls are not as out of reach as you may think, with great flight deals from websites such as Thomson available all year round.

The Dunn’s River Falls are commonly referred to as a ‘living phenomenon’ and for good reason; reaching a top height of 180 feet and travelling 600 feet over stair-like terraced rocks, the falls continuously flow despite feeding directly into the Caribbean Sea.

Unlike many waterfalls throughout the world, the Dunn’s River Falls are not just about sightseeing, they’re about participating! Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies can choose to make the 1.5 hour climb from the base of the falls right up to the top, although the trek requires a bit of strength and a lot of nerve!

While lagoons and shallow rock pools provide a touch of relaxation along the way, as well as fantastic photo opportunities, the climb against the gushing waters can be quite strenuous, and is often made in expert-led groups to prevent injury. Good waterproof hiking boots are recommended.

To see the falls from a different perspective, consider a Caribbean Sea cruise that takes you to the mouth of the falls. Here, you can swim or snorkel in the calcium-rich waters and get up close and personal with the bright and vivid exotic sea life that call the Caribbean ‘home’.

If you’d rather marvel at the natural wonder rather than get wet, there’s plenty to see. The falls are surrounded by lush green trees, bushes and plants that play host to a number of bird and other wildlife species native to the Caribbean. The Dunn’s River Falls are often considered to be the most beautiful attraction in Jamaica.

Many Jamaican tour companies offer trips to Dunn’s River Falls, with this particular tour holding the top spot on the popularity leader board. The falls are an absolute must see on any trip to Jamaica and provide a great alternative to the usual relaxing island activities.

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