Mohamed Abdallah Ahmed -“Mazda” – Sudane coach

We did not underestimate the Ethiopian team, but we mademistakes that cost us two goals.
We lost our first choice goalkeeper Moez Mahgoub , he got malaria and had to leave  camp. This result sets up a difficult return match in Addis Ababa. I was worried of this sort of outcome  as the players seem affected by their participating with  their clubs in the Confederation Cup.I am happy that the players despite the Ethiopian getting back to 3-3  succeeded scoring the  two winning goals which puts us  in front. The return game will be very difficult, but we will prepare well for it.
Sewnet Bishaw ( Ethiopia coach)
Sudan scored their three goals in first half, and we can only blame ourselves for  that  as we made some mistakes that cost us that half time score. Without the two penalties they converted it would have been a different result for sure . Our players scored wonderful goals and we came to Sudan to play a good football which we did and  this is why we managed to score three goals. Hopefully we will win in Addis Ababa and we will definitely go for it as we attempt to qualify for the finals in South Africa.