Cadelle Travel & Tours Limited unveils new online travel service: Explore Afrika.

Explore Afrika provides a platform for travelers to identify, select, book and pay for hotels, meeting rooms, event Venues and tours across Africa from anywhere in the world through this gateway:

‘Explore Afrika’ is the trade name for Cadelle Travel & Tours limited; and is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. The website caters for individuals, groups and corporations travelling to Africa on business, leisure, religious and for educational tours. The website is also a rich source of information for those looking to plan their Africa tour. Explore Afrika’s online booking facilities are available for Nigeria hotels, Accra hotels, Ghana hotels, Lagos accommodation and hotels in many African countries.

According to the owners of Explore Afrika, “Explore Afrika is supported by the Federal Government of Nigeria’s “YouWin programme”. “YouWin” is a government initiative which seeks to encourage and support entrepreneurship and young entrepreneurs in Nigeria”. The owners also reckon that “there are millions of Internet users in Africa and across the world and that number is growing by the day…online payments are also becoming easier by the day thus creating a viable environment foronline travel services in Africa.

Hotels, tour providers, event planners and event venue managers in African will benefit from the establishment of Explore Afrika as a result of the resultant accessibility to an audience which is not restricted by geography; while travelers will find Explore Afrika to be a trusted, easy and valuable assistant as they plan their Africa tours, and journeys to and across the African continent.

For more information about their services or for enquiries, bookings of hotels or tours, please visit the website

About Explore Afrika

Explore Afrika (EA) is an online travel service that serves the hospitality and tourism markets and provides internet users with comprehensive and unbiased information on hotels, flights, venues, restaurants, attractions and tours within Africa and select destinations across the globe. Working with businesses in the travel industry, they offer a robust and secure platform for clients seeking Hotels, Meeting rooms, Event Venues and Tours to research and conclude their booking over the internet.


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