Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – (The Reporter) – The Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervisory Agency (PPESA) have put up the famous Ghion Hotel and six other state owned enterprises for bid.

Some of foreign investors, who showed interests on Ghion Hotel, are expressing their complaint claiming the bid is “unfair”.

Among the big enterprises up for bid are Ghion Hotel, Awash Winery, Batu Costruction, Batu Housing Construction, Coffee Technology Promotion, and Limu Agricultural Development enterprises.

In what it called “strategic,” the Agency announced that it would provide over 20 state enterprises for privatization this year.

Bale and Arsi Agriculture Development, Bahr Dar and Kombolcha Textile and Woyra, Bekelcha and Comet Transport companies are also part of the 20 that will be on the bidding table.

Sources, who requested anonymity, told The Reporter that the government also plans to run Adami Tulu Pesticide in a joint venture with private investors.