Road rage: Kenyan-Ethiopian rivalry to be on display at Bix 7

Davenport, IA – Kenya’s Genoveva Kigen did a good job of summing up the relationship between runners from Kenya and Ethiopia following the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans a few months back.

“We are friends when we travel,” Kigen told the New Orleans Times-Picayune, “but when we see each other in a race, we are like two lions.

“We want to kill each other.”

The rivalry between the two countries will be on display again in the 38th annual Quad-City Times Bix 7, scheduled for July 28 on the streets of Davenport.

There will be four Ethiopian runners — two men and two women — entered in the Bix 7, along with 17 Kenyans. The international field also will include elite entries from Morocco and Russia as well as, of course, the United States. Read full report on Quad-City Times.