Cotonou, Benin – The Walias of Ethiopia continued their resurgence with a 1-1 draw with Benin here today to advance to the next round of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations Cup.

The two teams played to a goalless draw two weeks ago in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Thus, Ethiopia made it through.

Michael Pote opened the score for Benin and Adane Girma if St. George got the equalizer for Ethiopia.

Fixtures and results of the qualifying campaign for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations finals in South Africa. 

Preliminary Round:

15/01/12: Sao Tome 1-0 Lesotho
22/01/12: Lesotho 0-0 Sao Tome
Sao Tome advance 1-0 on aggregate

06-08/01/12: Seychelles – Swaziland
Seychelles advance after Swaziland withdrew

First Round:

29/02/12: Ethiopia 0-0 Benin
15-17/06/12: Benin v Ethiopia

29/02/12: Rwanda 0-0 Nigeria
16/06/12: Nigeria 2-0 Rwanda
Nigeria win 2-0 on aggregate

29/02/12: Congo Brazzaville 3-1 Uganda
16/06/12: Uganda 4-0 Congo Brazzaville
Uganda win 5-3 on aggregate

29/02/12: Burundi 2-1 Zimbabwe
17/06/12: Zimbabwe 1-0 Burundi

Zimbabwe advances on away goal rule (2-2)

29/02/12: The Gambia 1-2 Algeria
15/06/12: Algeria 4-1 The Gambia
Algeria win 6-2 on aggregate

29/02/12: Kenya 2-1 Togo
15-17/06/12: Togo 1-0 Kenya

Togo advances on away goal rule (2-2)

29/02/12: Guinea Bissau 0-1 Cameroon
16/06/12: Cameroon 1-0 Guinea Bissau
Cameroon win 2-0 on aggregate

29/02/12: Chad 3-2 Malawi
16/06/12: Malawi 2-0 Chad
Malawi win 4-3 on aggregate

29/02/12: Tanzania 1-1 Mozambique
15-17/06/12: Mozambique 1-1 Tanzania

The two teams finished tied 2-2 on aggregate score but Mozambique advances on penalty kick (8-7)

15/06/12: Egypt 2-3 CAR
24/06/12: CAR v Egypt
First leg delayed because of political problems in Egypt

29/02/12: Madagascar 0-4 Cape Verde
15-17/06/12: Cape Verde 3-1 Madagascar

Cape Verde 7-1 on aggregate score

29/02/12: Liberia 1-0 Namibia
15-17/06/12: Namibia 0-0 Liberia

Liberia 1-0 on aggregate score

29/02/12: Sao Tome 2-1 Sierra Leone
16/06/12: Sierra Leone 4-2 Sao Tome

Sierra Leone 6-4 on aggregate score

29/02/12: Seychelles 0-4 DR Congo
15-17/06/12: DR Congo 3-0 Seychelles

DR Congo win 7-0 on aggregate

Second Round:

The draw for the next round of qualifying will be made in July and will feature the teams who have been successful this weekend, plus the winners of the tie between Egypt and CAR, and those sides who competed at this year’s Nations Cup in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

The winners from Round One face the 16 finalists from the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations over two legs on 7-9 September and 12-14 October to decide the 15 finalists joining hosts South Africa in the 2013 finals.