Sport Commission declares winner of new stadium design

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Federal Sport Commission on Tuesday officially declared the winner of the new architectural design of new stadium that it plans to build around Imperial Hotel. The winner of the design, JDAW and its engineers, disclosed the would-be built 60,000-seater stadium which is expected to cost an estimated 1.6 billion birr.

The commission also indicated that further cost analysis would be revealed in the future.

Ethiopia had no proficient stadium that has FIFA’s standard and guideline. The only two stadiums are the Addis Ababa Stadium which was built by Emperor Hailesilassie and dates more around half a century and Abebe Bikila Stadium which is yet to be fully finished.

The commission is considering moving away from old tiny Addis Ababa Stadium whose current capacity is around 20,000. The commission believes that the old stadiums are preventing them from bringing in the kind of match day revenue enjoyed by other East African nations who have much bigger stadiums.

Till this day Addis Ababa Stadium is used for multipurpose functions including, religious celebrations, athletics event, public gathering, music concert and other activities that make it the busiest stadium.

In the last six decades, three different governments have reigned in Ethiopia while, Football lovers in Addis Ababa as well as across the country have been eagerly waiting for long to a see new stadium.

According to the commission, the new design would be exhibited at Addis Ababa Stadium in a bid to gather public comments.

The construction of the newly proposed stadium is expected to commence in 2014.

Source: The Reporter

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