Australian journalist writes of the uniqueness of Seychelles

Travelers have long praised the Seychelles beauty and its uniqueness. The Seychelles’ porcelain white sandy beaches, its baked sun with colors and spectacular boulders combined with its reputation as an “exclusive destination for elite travelers,” has made its mark in reputed international publications.

Journalists and reporters have visited all corners of Seychelles islands, discovering the hidden glamour that makes Seychelles a truly unique destination.

An Australian writer, Robert La Bua, has just written about his experience of Seychelles in one of Australia’s premier quality publications to high-level executives – “Ceomagazine.” Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, has welcomed the report in Australia’s premier quality magazine by Robert La Bua, a top and highly-respected journalist from “Down Under.” “As our Tourism Board intensifies their work to diversify our tourist markets, it is encouraging when we gain extra visibility from respected journalists from some of these target areas,” the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture said.

Robert La Bua revealed the stark beauty, the wonders and fascination of Seychelles’ “spectacular sceneries,” with its coastlines and landscape stretch, to impressive formations, which he has ranked as “one of the most spectacular sceneries in the world.”

Plunging into the Seychellois culture, he focused on what makes Seychelles retain its reputation as the melting pot of cultures – a country, which openly spells out its cultural diversity to the world.

Robert La Bua has also pondered on Seychelles being “an advanced society;” a crossroad with an important natural link to the past “and a tropical grandeur overflowing with history.”

Seychelles, the land of beauty, history, and romance encompasses other amenities that other destinations do not offer – a unique destination.

Praslin, Seychelle archipelago’s second most-populated island, adorned by the island’s second heritage site, Vallee de Mai, and most fragile forest in the world, has gained recognition in “Ceomagazine. “

Its major attractions – the endemic species “coveted by philatelists in the world” are described by Robert La Bua “as some of the most valuable stamps ever printed in Seychelles.”

“Seychelles is one of the safest countries in the world,” and its welcoming tourism policy allowing visa-free travel for every nationality are among the other amenities complimented by “Ceomagazine.”

Beyond Seychelles’ homely charms of small hotels, creole guest houses, and self-catering establishments, the destination’s image reflects a wide choice of accommodation comfort of 5-star resorts.

Two of Seychelles’ highly-reputed, 5-star hotels – Four Seasons Resort Seychelles on the South Western Coast of Mahe and Raffles Praslin – have gained exclusivity in “Ceomagazine.”

Source: Seychelles Ministry of Tourism & Culture



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