Cruising Suavely. Why Ethiopian Excels?

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia –  Operating 47 aircrafts and serving 3.7 million passengers annually, as of 2011, Ethiopian is one of the shining stars in the African airline industry. Its sales revenue in 2011 amounts to 1.5 billion dollars.

Catering to the ever-expanding operations of the Airlines, guided by the corporate strategy dubbed Vision 2025, are the 6,318 employees of the Airlines.
Sitting at the helm of managing such a vast community of employees is Elisabeth Getachew, Senior Vice President for Corporate Human Resources of the Airlines. Spending about 17 years in the human resources section of the Star Alliance member airline, it has been four years since she took over as the section head. Chatty and smiling, she links every argument she makes with the grand visions of the Airlines.
In this exclusive interview with Getachew T. Alemu, OP-ED EDITOR, she cruises through the human resources (HR) strategies, achievements and challenges of the Airlines. Read more.

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