Teddy Afro’s “Tikur Sew” bags close to 10 million Birr in first week

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The newly released Teddy Afro’s album “Tikur sew” hit a new record in Ethiopian music industry with a sale of 300,000 CD and 120,000 cassettes worth of close to ten million birr in less than a week.

This album sale was collected from Electra and Ambassel music shops in Addis Ababa and the other regions with the exception of northern Ethiopia which is distributed through Tana Entertainment.

Adika events and communication delivers the CDs worth of 17.50 birr and the cassettes with nine birr for the music shops and it was decided to be sold 25 birr for the CD and 13 birr for the cassettes on the market.

With in less than a week Adika was able to get 6.3 million birr and the other share will go to the music shops.

Since the release of this album last week, April 14, the album has been sold in a huge quantity. Especially on the date of the release last Saturday a huge number of crowds were witnessed around the music shops in a long queue and also the album was sold on the street vendors.

Even if it was decided to be a fixed sale the album was even sold with a price of 50 birr on the streets.

“We notified through the different Medias not to buy the album more than the fixed price but some of the dealers were even talking about shortages while we are still delivering and selling the album more than the price,” says Ashenafi

The music shops requested 500,000 CDs and 200,000 cassettes and according to Ashenafi the album is still ongoing production.

This album has been also distributed abroad through Adika agents starting from the release date and according to Ashenafi Zeleke Adika events manager the sale of the album is not known yet.

Source: Ethiopian Reporter


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