Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Akiko BodyWise, The wellness and fitness center was founded on November,2005 by its current executive management  team to purchase and operate under performing fitness center.

It is located in Sar Bet Adams Pavilion building, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company grew its center portfolio both by acquiring and turning around existing center and by developing, opening and operating newly constructed properties.



Akiko Bodywise has more than 44 workout machines, The latest state of the art brands from Techno Gym. Whether it is a mom looking to get in shape after having a child, a marathon runner training for his or her next race. Several master degree Personal Trainers with specialized skills are on staff to create personalized fitness programs that help our members realize their potential.

Group Classes

  • Aerobics Exercise
  • Yoga Instruction
  • Salsa  Sensation
Group Fitness tips and Schedules

The Akiko BodyWise Group Exercise Programs are designed to provide members with a safe, effective an enjoyable workout while maintaining a professional, positive attitude. Our center employs finest instructors. Classes are scheduled seven days a week and are a great way to add variety into your workouts. BodyWise offers some of the best group fitness classes In Addis Ababa.

Massage Therapy

Evoke balance with the age old tradition of massage as a healing practice to soothe sore muscles, release tension, increase range of motion, calm the mind and address nagging discomforts. Our team of professional massage therapists is the best in town. Different massage techniques will be chosen to suit your specific needs. offering flexible hours in the therapy style of Hot Stone massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage, and more .

Our Massage Services indulge in a complete sensory feel that Leave you renewed, Relaxed and resplendent.

  • Reflexology (Feet massage)
  • Aromatherapy (Oil Therapy)
  • Swedish massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Thai Massage

Akiko BodyWise, The Wellness Center

Sar Bet Admas Pavillion Building

P. O. Box 26086

Addis Ababa


Tel: 251-372 0052/55/56