Grain Trade wins Addis Ababa Season Opener Cycling Championship

Addis Ababa Cycling Championship (Photo: Dr. Tilaye Wube)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Ehel Negd (Grain Trade) cycling team won the Addis Ababa season opener cycling championship, which concluded here on Sunday after four weeks of competition.

The championship also marked the beginning of the regular road bike race in Addis Ababa which has been interrupted since 2009.

Four teams took part in this year’s championship.

Grain Trade receiving trophy from Dr. Tilaye Wube

Meta–Abo and EEPCO finished second and third respectively in the team category, while Michael Segid of Grain Trade took the individual title, followed by Amanuel Girmay of Meta-Abo and Taye Hailu of EEPCO.

In another development, the author of this article, Dr.Tilaye Wube, has been elected as President of the Addis Ababa Cycling Federation.

Team Results:

1. Ehel Negd (Grain Trade)

2. Meta-Abo


Individual Results:

1. Michael Segid (Grain Trade)

2. Amanuel Girmay (Meta Abo)

3. Taye Hailu (EEPCO)


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