Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - St. George defeated arch rival Ethiopian Coffee 2-0 here today thanks to 2 goals by Adane Girma (31 & 48”), who received a yellow card 32 minutes into the first half.

However, Adane was not the only guilty player on the disciplinary side, as Degu Debebe of St. George (22′) and Dawit Stefanos of Coffee (34′) , have also received yellow cards.

St. George lost its season opener to Dire Dawa Kenema, but it has now moved up 5 spots to 8th place with today’s victory.

Meanwhile, defending champions Ethiopian Coffee are still looking for their first win of the season. The team has drawn twice and lost twice in its first 4 matches.

Week 4 Fixtures:

Sunday December 18
St. George – Ethiopian Coffee at 4pm
Mugher Cement – Hawassa Kenema at 3pm
Adama Kenema – Arba Minch Kenema at 3pm

Monday December 19 
EEPCO – Dire Dawa Kenema at 5pm

Tuesday December 20
Sidama Coffee – Dedebit at 3pm
Harar Beer – Air force at 4pm